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                                        THE STUDY OF A TEMPERATURE DRIFT AND NONLINEARITIES                                            OF PRESSURE CERAMIC-BASED PIEZOCONVERTERS


Stuchebnikov Vladimir Mikhaylovich,Doctor of engineering sciences,chief executive of «МИДАУС» corporation,
Ustinov Aleksey Andreevich, Master, Ulyanovsk State University, engineer for «МИДАУС» corporation,
Nagornov Yuriy Sergeevich, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of physical methods in applied research, Ulyanovsk State University, 

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The pressure transducers on ceramic basis and semi-conductor sensing elements made of heteroepitaxial silicon-on-sapphire structures are considered. The investigations of non-linearity, of the variation output signal and of the temperature dependence of the ceramic pressure transducers using different kind of ceramic basis are carried out. Temperature error of ceramic pressure transducers was essentially lower than in the serial pressure transducers. Accuracy of ceramic and the serial transducers are similar. 

Key words

pressure sensor, transducer of pressure, silicon-on-sapphire structure. 

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